Who We Are

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To be a catalyst and resource center for character development throughout the state of Illinois so that core ethical values, which form the basis for good character, are effectively taught, promoted, supported and modeled by individuals, families and community organizations and to be a national leader in this endeavor.


To foster character development in families, schools, and community organizations by providing training, resources, and technical assistance to character development initiatives throughout the state of Illinois and nationally.

History and Background

The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development was founded on Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 2003 as a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide character development training, measurement and evaluation services and community coalition-building support to families, schools, business, communities and other organizations throughout the state of Illinois.

The ALCCD began as an outgrowth of the Healthy DuPage Character Development Coalition, the emphasis and activities have been focused on working with schools and whole communities to develop the social capital of the next generation. The Lincoln Center has partnered with the CHARACTER COUNTS!

National Coalition, the Character Education Partnership, and a sponsor of the Smart and Good High School project from the Center for the 4th & 5th Rs (Respect & Responsibility) and the Institute for Excellence and Ethics (IEE). In 2006, The Lincoln Center joined the University of Illinois Extension in collaborating to develop the Character@Work program for small businesses.  The Center has worked directly with schools and community organizations within DuPage County, as well as to other counties in the state of Illinois.

As of July 1, 2016, Ken Fisher, founder and original executive director retired, and the operations of the Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development were turned over to the Lincoln Heritage Museum, on the campus of Lincoln College.